Welcome to Scotland!

Each season, Tea Collection is inspired by a different country + its culture. In the past, Tea has traveled to Japan, Australia, Italy + many more places. This is all a part of their mission of global connectivity. This season, we here at Little are SO EXCITED about Scotland. The collection is filled with the flora + fauna of Scotland as well as images from seaside fishing villages. The colorways are filled with bright reds, navy blues,+ indigoes.

But what we really love, and we think our tiny customers will really, really love is all of the Scottish folklore that Tea has incorporated into this collection. Tees feature mermaids, unicorns, the Loch Ness monster + the Selkie. The images are beautiful + make us dream of traveling overseas to search the rolling hills for magic + adventure.

Just for fun, here are some fun facts about these centuries-old creatures from Scotland:


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