The new autumn/winter collection all about magic.

Inspired by the world of magic, the collection pays tribute to the children's sense of wonder towards the extraordinary.

Bobo Choses is known for creating clothing that speaks the language of children. With this season's theme of magic, it is no different. What child doesn't like to dress up, do tricks, + make magic. In these outfits, the possibilities for fun are endless.

This collection is filled with things every magician would need: a very special cape, rabbits, doves, + a touch of shimmer. It also includes things that bring wonder + amazement to any child, like the stars + constellations.

Along with creating well-made, beautiful garments, Bobo Choses is focused on being environmentally friendly. This season, a large portion of their knitted fabrics were organic cotton made in India, using a method that not only saves on water, but uses no pesticides..

With all of the mix + match options this season, getting dressed will be as easy as saying ABRACADABRA!

TA DA! You are ready to go!

And now for the most magical piece in the collection...

This velvet, reversible Diamond Sky Cape is the showstopper. Depending on the tricks you are going to preform, you can decide which side you want to be showing to your audience. This cape is what magic is all about.

In the words of Bobo Choses, here is how to disappear:

Solemnly, bring your hands to your face, covering your eyes and... PRESTO! You have disappeared, total invisibility! You don't see anyone therefore nobody can see you. No peeping or you'll be discovered!


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