A capsule collection from How To Disappear.

No magician can perform their full act without a rabbit. That's why this collection would not be complete without one either.Bobo Choses Jumping Rabbit Sweatshirt

The Jumping Rabbits collection, featuring sweatshirts + dresses, is made of a padded jacquard fabric. The fabric shows the jumping rabbits artwork + was specifically developed by the Bobo Choses' design team for this collection.

Bobo Choses Jumping Rabbit DressBobo Choses Jumping Rabbit DressBobo Choses Vertical Multicolor Tights

These pieces are so full of texture that they pair very easily to softer pieces like tights, knit pants, + even denim. And because the pattern is monochromatic, it makes it easy to add fun pops of color!

Bobo Choses Jumping Rabbit SweatshirtBobo Choses Jumping Rabbit Sweatshirt

The rabbit is such an integral part of any magician's act. Instead of pulling it out of a hat, these jumping rabbits only job is to keep you cozy + warm in these soft, comfy pieces.

Bobo Choses Jumping RabbitBobo Choses Jumping Rabbit DressBobo Choses Golden TightsBobo Choses Diamond Sky CapeBobo Choses Bicolor Scarf

The best part about this Jumping Rabbits collection is that it is made for adding accessories. We think it works best with a cape, maybe a hat or a scarf, fun tights, + bold shoes. Adding color or keeping it simple with one main color (like pink) is just as surprising + unexpected like only the best magicians are.


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