Spring 2017 is a retro nod to sports heroes, now + then.

"In the huge sky of sports there are big stars, strong stars, fast stars so dazzled by their light they cannot see each other. But among the many stars there are a few that shine with a modest, special light of their own, caring stars, brave stars, frightened stars, + tenacious stars. It is time they become legends..."

Bobo Choses spring/summer 2017 collection is all about sports. Not in the traditional, athletic apparel sense, but in the unique styles + colors that give a nod to the true sports heroes of days past. The collection is inspired by athletic legends from around the world + through time. Retro + comfortable shapes in different fabrics + beautiful washed colors complete this collection.

The collection is inspired by well-known athletes like tennis player John McEnroe, gymnast Nadia Comaneci, + track + field star Jesse Owen. But is also inspired by many you may not know as well like Masahiko Kimura, a Japanese judoka + wrestler who invented an arm lock called 'Kimura', Dick Fosbury, the high jumper who revolutionized the sport by doing it backward + K.V. Switzer (aka Katherine) who was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, though officials didn't realize it, helping change the course of history. The moral of the tales these heroes tell is that anyone can use their inner athlete to inspire change!

As with past collections from Bobo Choses, protecting the environment + holding high ethical standards in clothing production is always a priority. They have joined the ECAP (European Clothing Action Plan) to work with partners to promote sustainability + create ways to reduce waste. This collection is 48% organic cotton + they are also using biodegradable polybags for packaging + shipping to reduce their environmental impact. Being able to purchase products for more than just their look is always a plus for us.

Some of our favorite pieces from this collection are the ones with the message that anyone can play, anyone can try, + it isn't always about winning. You will find a rainbow slide, peace sign fingers, the message 'sometimes you win', + the sweatshirt with 'a legend' written across the front. We all can be a legend in our own lives.

"Games are a serious matter, + it is so much fun! Sometimes you win + sometimes you learn, but winning + losing is really an adult business. We children all know that the most important thing is to never stop playing!"


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