Transitioning Your Child Through the Time Change.

For our March event, we will be hosting the amazing Baby Sleep Geek! Jane, our web manager, is sharing her own experience with The Baby Sleep Geek. Read on to see why this is a can't miss event!

I have to start this blog post by admitting that I am extremely biased about The Baby Sleep Geek. Jessica Begley (the Sleep Geek herself) saved my family from spiraling into completely sleepless, walking, human zombies. I will spare you the details of how terrible a sleeper my toddler was + also all the horrible habits we had fallen into (nursing to sleep for waaaay too long, anyone else?) but I will say that with Jessica's help, we were all able to pull ourselves together.

Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge + experience to her role as the Baby Sleep Geek. She is a Certified Sleep Consultant, a lactation consultant + has an MA in Public Health with a concentration in maternal + child health. All of these skills show through in Jessica's comprehensive services. From learning about your family's sleep routine (or lack thereof…) to making a personalized plan + then coaching you through the whole process, it is clear that you're in good hands.

When we began planning our Building a Little Community events I knew that Jessica would be a fantastic addition. We all know parenthood is tiring, but it doesn't have to leave you a glossy-eyed shell of a human. There was nothing better than finally feeling in control of bedtime (and also knowing that 7 full hours of sleep was in my future) + I remain eternally faithful to this day!

I hope that you'll join us on March 15th as we welcome Jessica to Little. She will be sharing some tips on surviving (I mean transitioning through) the time change. I don't know why one less hour in the day can cause so much trouble, but it can bring down even the best little sleeper! So come + learn some tips, ask some questions + if you feel like you're too far gone, sign up for one of Jessica's consultation packages - you won't regret it.

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