The must-have goodies for school.

Here are a few of our favorite things to start school with:


Learning doesn't only happen in school, but can be done at home too. Books that help with numbers or the alphabet can be fun + not even feel like learning. For the older kids, a book about nature or the world, along with an activity pack, can make what they learn in school feel like an adventure outside of it.


Packing a healthy, fun lunch is super important. A bento box is not only an easy way to store + carry lunch, but is exciting to open each section + see what surprise might be in there!


Either to use for school or to keep a journal, we think a notebook or two is always nice to have handy. If you happen to be using it to practice your letters, we have another toy that can help with that - the Kid O Magnatab! It uses magnets to help learn how to write each letter. Fun + educational is always a plus!

Kid O Magnatab

Coloring Supplies!

No backpack is ready for school without being full of coloring + art supplies. We think that's what a pencil case is actually for - to be filled with ways to be creative + add a little color to the school day!




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