Coloring, crafting, drawing, sculpting. Whatever it is they love, we have something to help them do it.

1. Let's be honest, kids are messy. Why not trick them into staying a little bit cleaner with a cute, fun apron. They come in two styles - one with ties + one that slips over the head, pinafore-style.

2. You can never have enough washi tape. If you don't know about washi tape yet, it is just like masking tape, only you can peel it off without hurting anything. It comes in many colors + patterns. It is great for hanging prints on the wall, crafting, adding a little pizazz to any envelope or package, or decorating doll houses.

3. These Left + Right Crayons are ergonomically correct for every little hand. Whether they are a lefty or a righty or still figuring it out, it makes coloring a breeze. Once they get the hang of coloring, we have plenty more fun crayons to choose from, like animals, pirates, starfish, + even ones made from beeswax.

4. Two words: Puffy Pens! If you grew up in the early 90s, you know all about these guys. Now your kids can have the same fun! Use them to draw anything, add heat, + turn their artwork into something magical!

6. Young Charlotte Filmmaker is a great story following Charlotte as she works hard to create her very own movie.

7. If coloring is their thing, the XXL Coloring Rolls is exactly what they need. Hang this large coloring poster on the wall + they will be coloring for hours.

8. Mystery Metallic Markers add a little extra excitement to an afternoon of coloring. They will only show their secret colors on black paper, so make sure you have some handy!

9. Why not make waiting for dinner a bit more fun? These coloring placemats will be sure to stop the 'when will dinner be ready' questions.

You can find the entire gift guide here or pick one up in-store!


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