Gifts for those with stars in their eyes + minds.

1. This cape is ready for all outer space adventures. Blue velvet on one side + the cosmos on the other make this ready for whatever the journey brings. As a gift to you, our adventure capes are 50% off thru Sunday!

2. Learning the constellations couldn't be any easier since they will be worn right around the neck. Little Lux necklaces make a great gift or stocking stuffer for any kid!

3. Everyone will be seeing stars with this backpack around.

4. Add a little extra excitement to the season with these confetti rockets! Pull the string + a blast of confetti, along with a few treats, come flying out! Sounds like a new tradition in the making.

5. A Journey Through Space is full of exciting information about the Solar System, satellites, comets, + astroids. The dust jacket even becomes a poster to hang on the wall.

6. This spaced themed cap is more than just stars + moons. It's covered in planets with astronauts.

7. This cosmos pillow is just the things to lay your head down on after long space adventures.

8. Nothing works better for writing in space, or in a notebook of black paper, than these galaxy writers.

You can find the entire gift guide here or pick one up in-store!


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