With an Advent Calendar your kids can keep track all by themselves!

If you are looking for a non-traditional advent calendar, Meri Meri + Maileg make some unique versions. From villages to dolls to stockings, we have everyone covered.

This pop-up village is perfect for keeping tiny treasures. You are able to customize each gift that goes into every house + tree, making the surprises just right.

Angel Doll Advent

The Angel Advent Doll has little hooks on her arms + legs to hold special gifts. This doll is great because you can start it at any time in the month. You could choose to open a gift every Friday or Saturday leading up to Christmas or just a few days before. She can also be used as a way to package up a holiday gift in a creative way rather than as an advent calendar.

The North Pole Railway is one of our favorites because every day you get to build a new part of the railroad. All the pieces are in the numbered drawers + each day your child gets to see a new part of the town they are creating. This wooden railway isn't something that has to be packed away after the holidays either. It is great for playing all year round.

This beautiful stocking garland is numbered front + back from one to twenty-four. It is just big enough to fit anything from a doll to colored pencils to a candy cane. This one looks beautiful in a doorway or down a stairwell.

Star Advent

This hanging star advent garland can be hung by a string or used as ornaments on your tree. The little star shaped boxes are the right size for trinkets or special notes. With the neutral design, this garland can be used, not just for Christmas, but for Hanukkah, to celebrate a birthday, or even for a scavenger hunt.

 Last, but certainly not least, is the Pixy Advent House. The story goes that every night while your child is sleeping, the Pixy wakes up, changes the day on the chalkboard + a leaves a special treat inside. See the Pixy in action in the cutest video on our Facebook!

If you need a little inspiration on what to fill your advent calendar with, here are some ideas:

- an ornament that gets hung on the tree each day

- a new Maileg critter + some accessories to go with it

- special notes

- puzzle pieces that they get to put together over the month

- craft supplies

- markers + crayons

- coins or even a dollar bill

- a fortune or a joke

- tattoos or stickers

- sweet treats

- an activity or a way to give back each day

Whatever you fill your advent calendar with, we hope it becomes a fun way to countdown to Christmas or Hanukkah + adds memories or traditions to this wonderful season.


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