See how the team at Little creates their own unique Valentine's Day Cards.

To get into the Valentine's Day spirit + to spread some love at Litte, everyone on the team is making Valentine's Day Cards for each other. Over the next few days, we will be sharing everyone's creations. To kick things off, we are starting with sales associate + Story Time leader, Katy B. Katy's inspiration came from her daughters + an old book. Check out what they made.

Little Valentines

My Valentine's day cards usually consist of items that I find around the house. Old cards, ribbons, wrapping paper, leftovers from past craft projects, etc. It feels like a good way to get creative + clear out the art box. This year, I decided to use images from a book, Annie + the Wild Animals. It had been the unfortunate victim of a wild tantrum a few years ago (I won't say whose) + was headed for the recycling bin. I love a good V-Day pun, so I tried to find images that lent themselves to that.

Little Valentines

Little Valentines

I used craft paper that I had on hand + convinced my daughters to help out in whatever way they found interesting. Ena chose to wash some white paper with watercolors. I used that to make cut out hearts. Matilda became fixated on making colorful 'strips'. What was I to do with them? That was up to me. I used some to create patterns as a base for some cards and used others to create colorful, textured hearts.

Little ValentinesLittle Valentines

I liked this project because it was so easy to personalize them + make every card unique to each of my wonderful co-workers. Ashley loves cats, so hers was very cat-centric. Emma loves all things Scandinavian, so I tried to make hers reflect that style. My little helpers' handiwork shows up more predominantly in some cards than others. Matilda chose to bedazzle some with foam mosaic tiles while others stayed pretty clean + simple. Each card is totally individual, just like my sweet buddies at Little!

Little Valentines


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