See how the team at Little creates their own unique Valentine's Day Cards

Ella, Little's Team Lead, is a weaver, so a Valentine DIY made from different kinds of yarn seems natural. Check out what she made!

Pom Pom Valentines

I was so excited to find out about this project! I loved handing out valentines to all my classmates in school, + the idea of doing it again as an adult was really fun. For my valentines, I knew I wanted to make something a little different. I had been looking for an excuse to try out pompom making with the Loome, so the situation couldn't have been more perfect.​

Pompom ValentinePompom Valentine

My first step was gathering a variety of yarns in shades of pink + white. I chose some chunky wool, a super fuzzy mohair, + even a little bit of silk. I played around with different yarn combinations on my pompom tool. My favorite pompoms came from wrapping very different yarns together. I shaped a few into traditional round pompoms, attempted a heart, + then realized I love the look of the pompoms pre-haircut. Each one is unique! There are great video tutorials on the Loome's website, so I'll spare you from an in-depth how to. One important step, however, was leaving the string holding everything together about 6" long.

Pompom Valentines

The next step was coming up with puns! I wrote things like "wool you be mine?" + "I've goat your back" on cute gift tags. I tied the gift tags to the long pompom strings + my valentines were done!
This project can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. For me, it was quick, easy, and fun!

Pompom ValentinePompom ValentinePompom ValentinePompom Valentine


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