See how the team at Little creates their own unique Valentine's Day Cards.

Kim, sales associate + kindergarten teacher, knows a thing or two about crafting with kids. Read on to find out how to make the cutest paper airplanes.

I always loved Valentine's Day as a kid! Creating the Valentine boxes, passing out cards + then opening + reading each valentine! As a kindergarten teacher, I get to see Valentine's Day from the other side while students excitedly open their valentines + shout thanks to their friends across the room. In my class, I use Valentine's Day to celebrate the friendships that students have created in our school. We write letters to one another sharing what we like about that person, discuss what makes a good friend + play team-building games, where we all win if we work together.

I always like to give valentine's that have another use besides that special piece of paper. This year, I got my inspiration from my love of paper airplanes! These valentines are quick, super easy to make + provide endless entertainment!

DIY Valentine's Day Cards

I used:
-Construction paper (but any paper will do)
-Washi Tape
-Felt Hearts
-A pen

DIY Airplane Valentine Cards

1. First, you will need to fold your paper into airplanes. If you have forgotten how to do this since your elementary school days, you can do a quick google search to find some easy instructions.
2. Write your message on each side of your airplane.
3. Tape the flaps down on the inside.
4. Tape your heart to the inside or add some hearts to a string + tape that inside.
5. Start flying your airplanes to the ones you love!


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