See how the team at Little creates their own unique Valentine's Day Cards.

Erin, Little's Web Manager, is a lover of stationery. Combined with her interested in crafting, she created the foolproof way to create unique cards for everyone.

It's no secret I love arts + craft. From when I was young, my mother was constantly encouraging us to get messy + involved with art. There were homemade Christmas cards, hand-dyed eggs at Easter and of course, carefully-crafted Valentines. I used to exclusively only make Valentines with doily hearts, glue + glitter. However, as I've gotten older (but no less young at heart), I've enjoyed experimenting with different materials.

Washi Tape

This year I decided to turn to one of my favorite stationery/decorating products of all time: Washi Tape. If you haven't tried washi tape before, buy it. In all of the colors. Immediately. Washi tape is an easily tearable, easily removable tape that comes in all sorts of amazing prints, colors + width. Use washi tape when wrapping presents, hanging photos or, in my case, making Valentines.

Washi Tape Valentines

I'm always changing my mind when it comes to creative projects and that is why washi tape is so perfect. Don't like that line? Move it. Not into that color? See ya later. While you are limited in some ways with washi tape (I admit, making a heart is hard — but doable!) but if you love lines + making patterns, you'll have a blast.

DIY Valentines Cards

In addition to washi tape, I also love the idea of mixing mediums. My love for beautiful ribbon runs deep + when I discovered I had spare spools within my craft box (yes, this is a thing!) I decided to incorporate them into this year's Valentines for my co-workers. I turned Os into bows, literally. I love that they add dimension + pop off the card!

While I stand firm that as long as it's made with love + fun, it doesn't matter what you use to make Valentines, I do encourage everyone to think outside the box. Why limit yourself to colored pencils and stickers when there's a whole world of materials out there waiting to be discovered?!

DIY Valentines Day Cards


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