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Dear Moms,

Hello! My name is Krista + I'm the mom behind the new Just For Moms group at Little. So you may be asking, why just for moms? Well, as a mom I feel like there can never be too much support for moms. We do it all, right? There are a lot of groups for new moms, mommy + me playgroups, but not a lot just for moms.

Personally, I find it hard to connect with another mom when I'm busy chasing down my 2-year-old or trying to answer my six-year-olds endless questions. I want to create a safe place for all moms, regardless of your child's age, to come together, share, listen + learn from each other. At every stage of motherhood, we are faced with challenges. What are you going through? Do you need someone to listen? Are you looking for some advice? Do you want to just be there for other moms?

Let's create a community of moms supporting moms together. Let's explore new ideas + perspectives. Let's talk all things baby, kid, + mom! At the end of the day, a happier mom means a happier family, + happier families make happier communities. Come join me!




42 Exchange St

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