What the team at Little is obsessing over this holiday season.

Katy has been a sales associate for a few years now but you probably know her best as the Story Time lady. It just makes sense that her list is full of wonderful books to gift this year.

In my opinion, books are always a great gift. A fool-proof gift. Here are things that you will never hear a person say, "I wish I read less," "my child's reading habit is really getting in the way of his T.V. time," "Ugh, books, they take up so much room and just look awful on my bookshelf." They're not a huge monetary investment, but they are a great investment in building a child's reading comprehension and imagination. Books always fill my holiday giving list.

Here are some of my favorite book picks this season:

Uni the Unicorn, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, is bound to be on many little girl's wish lists this year. Whether they are already a fan of Uni's or are new to this magical character, this series is a winner for any kid who is a fan of whimsy and fantasy. In Uni the Unicorn, a young unicorn knows deep in her heart that little girls are real. She dreams of meeting a little girl to be her lifelong friend. In another part of the world, a little girl dreams of unicorns. In the (NEW!) second book, Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come True, the two young friend's wishes are answered and they finally meet. Adorable, colorful, vintage-inspired illustrations make these books visually appealing to anyone. Also new to the series is a board book edition for younger readers!

Do you know an animal lover? Or a viciously curious child who collects awesome and strange facts? The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts and Animals of a Bygone Era will surely keep them entertained and filled with knowledge. Did you know that a crocodile can survive without food for three years? Or that wood frogs can freeze completely during the winter and then thaw back out in spring? And just continue living their lives?! I didn't. And these facts blew my mind. Maja Säfstrom's illustrations will charm readers young and old.

New to the Once Upon a World series is The Princess and the Pea, illustrated by Dinara Mirtalipova. This series puts a multicultural spin on classic fairy tales by placing them in different cultures. This tale of The Princess and The Pea takes place in Russia. Mirtalipova, whose artwork has long been inspired by Russian folklore, created absolutely stunning illustrations for this board book. Pair it with a Princess Mouse on the Pea from Maileg and you have an ultra-sweet Christmas gift. 

The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in One Day, is a fun book + an excellent introduction to classical music for kids. Little Isabelle leaves her home + travels through each season in the span of a day. Each season + illustration is accompanied by the appropriate movement from Vivaldi's symphony. New this year is The Nutcracker! Tchaikovsky's classic Christmas tunes play along with the tale of Clara + the sugarplum fairies. After each story, there's a short bio of the composers + some musical facts. Every kid loves a press + listen book. Adults will like these ones too!

What we See in the Stars is a beautifully illustrated book that will tell you everything you want to know about the night sky. From constellations and myths to planets, comets, and science, this book has it all. The illustrations are dreamy and rich. A great book for an older kid with interest in outer space!

If you have a little crafter in your life, Pattern Play is a good activity book. This book, from Danielle Kroll and Nghiem Ta, is filled with wild and fun patterned paper with cut and fold stencils to create 3D animals. Children can top off their little friends with over 40 stickers and, once your kiddo is done creating their own paper safari, there are tips for using leftover scraps for collages or decoupage. This is a great item to have on-hand for all of those upcoming snow days. All you need is the book, scissors and a cozy, responsibility-free afternoon inside!


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