Beautiful, functional pieces to last forever.

We are so excited to be adding Misha + Puff, a line of hand knit clothing for baby + children, to our assortment at Little. Misha + Puff was started by Anna Wallack in 2011 after seeing how warm + cozy her son's first New England winter was as he wore the knits she created for him. If you are familiar with Misha + Puff, you already know how darling these knit pieces are, but what really sealed the deal for us is their commitment to bettering the world we live in.

Misha + Puff is set on making pieces that will last forever. Each piece is hand knit in Lima, Peru by a group of knitters. The pieces are crafted in the Misha + Puff knitting center, where they provide day care + meals for their workers. This allows the employees to both work + support their families. Every knitter takes so much pride in what they do; you will find their name on the hang tag on each piece.

Creating heirloom pieces is the goal + the quality of the materials makes this possible. Misha + Puff uses only natural fibers, merino wool + alpaca, + they are all hand dyed, which creates the beautiful colors you see in all their pieces. Wool is great for babies because it is naturally wicking + antibacterial, keeping your baby dry + cozy. The pieces are soft, never itchy, never lose shape, + are washable! Don't we all love that!

Knowing you are supporting a community of talented workers + buying pieces worthy of passing down for generations makes this adorable collection irresistible.




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