A Q + A with this month's special guest!

Ever wonder what a nutritionist's favorite food is? Read on to learn more about our upcoming guest.

Erin Holt will be joining us on the 28th to kick off our new event series, Building A Little Community. Erin will be at Little to talk to us about healthier eating in the new year, including tips for your little ones! But today, she is answering a few of our questions so we can get to know our first guest a little better!

What was your favorites childhood food?

My favorite was fried chicken. I even have an "about me" poster from 4th grade that says that. And my brothers have never let me forget it. (Least favorite was meatloaf!! I hated meat and was a vegetarian for 20 years!)

What is your favorite food now?

My favorite is probably chili. I could eat the vegan chili recipe on my blog every night!!

How often do you eat out + what is your favorite restaurant?

I cook about 95% of food at home and rarely eat out. But when we do, I love Black Trumpet in Portsmouth and Joinery in Newmarket, NH.

What is your happiest food memory?

I struggled with disordered eating and digestive problems for over a decade, so unfortunately many of my early food memories are stressful ones. But now that I view food as nourishment instead of punishment, I would say most of my food experiences are happy!

What is the best meal you have ever had?

Probably on our honeymoon in Costa Rica. It was a little family owned restaurant and they served dinner right in their home. The meal was so good that we went back the next night. Or maybe it was the wine that was so good. Now I can't remember!

Thank you, Erin! We look forward to having you at Little next week. If you haven't signed up for this free event yet, you can do so here.


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