What they stand for + why we love them.

Here at Little, we care so much about the brands that we bring into our store. We strive to bring our customers not only great design + cute clothes but also ethically produced goods, durable + safe items + we are always on the lookout for companies that give back to children, communities, + the earth. We want the best for our children, so we want to give you the best as well. At Little, we believe that Tea Collection is one of the best.

Tea Collection is a women-run business that started small, just like us! Tea all began with just three baby sweaters. The founders' vision was strong + clear enough that the company quickly grew. Tea was created with the idea (+ the hope) that travel-inspired design could broaden children's views of the world + create global awareness + connectivity. This is a mission that we love + that everyone can get behind.

 Twice each year, the design team at Tea travels to a new destination to be inspired by the culture, food, + landscape of a new country. Tea's current inspiration comes from Australia. Their shirts + dresses for this summer feature the fruits, flowers, + animals from the coast to the outback. The colorways reflect the shades of the earth + the ocean. By infusing culture into the clothing, the goal is for children to open their minds + hearts to other people + ways of living. To breed familiarity with a world outside of their own. Teas iconic "Little Citizen" graphic tees sum up this mission simply + 100% of the proceeds for these items is given to the Global Fund for Children. Tea stands behind their ideas + acts on them, which is something that we're proud to be a part of.

The mission of global awareness is what inspired the name Tea Collection for the company. The drink is something that all cultures have in common. Though our traditions around drinking tea differ, it exists all over the world. It connects us while also showing humanity's beautiful diversity - an afternoon English tea with scones, a traditional Japanese ceremony seated on the floor or socializing over mint tea on the streets of West Africa. Tea Collection is all about celebrating our differences + our similarities while introducing children to the world around them.

At Little, we love Tea because of its fusion of good design, quality + value. Tea designers are frequently traveling + searching for new inspiration, so the clothing is unique + modern while still being rooted in tradition. Tea also designs clothing with the messy, scramble around realities of childhood, so clothes are comfortable, easy to move, run + climb in + are made to withstand many washings. My Tea items go through both of my daughters before being passed down to a younger friend, + she accepts them as though they were new. And I couldn't talk about Tea without mentioning the endless mixing, matching + layering possibilities. You'd sooner find five pieces that coordinate beautifully with each other before finding one that doesn't. Just a few Tea pieces can easily create many combinations + fresh outfits.

Little has just rolled out our newest collection of summer wear from Tea. They have kiwi fruits, butterflies, sharks + rainforest florals. We have clothes for any occasion – attending a wedding or jumping in spring puddles. We carry clothing for every boy + girl from newborn to age 12. We invite you to come in, take a look around + explore Australia.


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