Conveniently located right up the street from Little is one of the best coffee shops in town. Read more about the place that keeps this team going.

Bard Coffee Maileg Dog

Little loves Bard. It is just that simple. The coffee is great + the staff is super friendly. There is not a day that goes by that someone from Little hasn't made a coffee run to Bard. Beyond having good coffee, they are consistent. It is nice to go somewhere where you know what you are going to get when you order + they know your name!

We don't just get coffee to go, but we hold interviews + meetings at Bard. It is nice to be surrounded by people who are working on creative projects, reading, or talking to a friend. The vibe is always positive, often times energizing. Even before Little was open, we spent a lot of time there planning + prepping. It sort of became our office.

Bard Coffee

Bard Coffee Maileg Dog

Not only do they make yummy beverages, they always have sweet treats (try the maple cruller. It is sweet + spicy + just totally amazing. But be warned, they are addicting.). And if you are the 'make coffee at home' kind of person, their beans are always fresh.

Bard Coffee

Since we know you are all wondering, here is what team Little orders at Bard:

Ashley - iced cappuccino when it's hot, hot cappuccino when it's cold, nitro when I don't want milk

Erin - nitro iced coffee or a dirty chai if I'm feeling rebellious!

Krista - chai almond milk latte

Katy - a nitro cold brew

Kim - cappuccino with vanilla

Ella - cold brew! or cortado when it's cold out

Jane - a cold brew

Angie - an herbal tea or maybe a hot chocolate!


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