An Interview with Little Lux's Creative Director, Riley.

Little Lux is a line of children's necklaces created by 7-year-old Riley + her dad. Riley has a personal style that even adults admire. It is no wonder that her line of whimsical necklaces is a hit with kids of all ages. They feature everything from animals + cacti to the moon, + are the perfect addition to all outfits.

Gunner + Lux

We have our own tiny trendsetter in our Little family, (almost) 6-year-old Matilda. Since she is a lover of Little Lux + someone with her very own personal style like Riley, we were excited to give her the chance to interview Riley.


Here's their interview:

What's it like to travel with your dad? And do you go any places that it takes a long time to get there?

Traveling with him is fun. He makes me laugh all the time. We just went to Charleston + it took a long time to drive there.

What's the best string to use for making necklaces?

Liberty Fabric is really cool because it has so many amazing patterns!

What's your favorite kind of Oreos? And how do you eat them? I sometimes take them apart + scrape out the frosting but then I put them back together but other times I just put them in my mouth.

MINT OREOS! I eat the frosting first just like you!

What shoes do you like?

I am really into my Adidas sandals right now.

What shows do you like?

Inspector Gadget, Wild Kratts, + NOVA.

Where do you get all the ideas for the decorations on the necklaces?

From all over the place! Nature, books, clothing, dreams!

How do you tie all those knots?

My dad taught me how to tie a knot + now it is really easy!

What's your all-time best outfit?

Colors + glitter!

Do you like dresses or pants?

Dresses, but I don't mind jeans.

What would you do if you were on a long trip + you were on an airplane?

I would bring lots of books!

What is your favorite book? Mine is Haroun + the Sea of Stories.

I am reading all of the Junie B. Jones books now. I just finished all the Harry Potter books. My dad said he just ordered me Haroun + the Sea of Stories!

What do you want to be when you are a grown up?

I am looking into being a scientist. I like mixing chemicals.

Do you like painting your nails?

Yes, I love getting my nails painted! My dad paints my nails + sometimes we go to a nail salon!

Thank you to both Matilda + Riley! To see even more of Riley's style, follow them on Instagram.


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