Celebrating Our Moms

Today is Mother's Day + in honor of that, we thought we would show some love for the important women in our lives! We know that we wouldn't be the women we are today without them.

Little Mother's Day

"Being a single mother certainly comes with many challenges, but there are also beautiful things about it. When the girls are with me, they're all mine + we have the ability to create our own little world. I consider myself very happy as a mother. I don't stress much, I have fun + I'm content with who my kids are. Something that I realized in the process of my separation is that I'd have a rare free moment without my kids +, to be truly happy, I had to practice self-care when I'm with them. Mommy gets coffee before you get toast. We get our nails done together. I put on a cartoon + take a quick nap while they watch TV when I'm tired (+ I don't feel guilty). And, for every selfless adventure I take for them (the trampoline park) we do something for me. A trip to some gardens or lunch at a restaurant with a good wine list. I've found that, if I'm truly enthusiastic + engaged in a meaningful way, my kids are just as excited as they would be at an amusement park. Exploring new places + experiences with my kids is the best feeling. I can't describe it. I feel like I've got a second shot at childhood with two of my best friends." - Katy

Little Mother's Day

"Anyone who could have a look inside my phone at the recent calls I've made or the iMessages I've sent would have no problem identifying who my best friend is; my mom. Whether it's me calling to complain about the same three things over + over again or texting her because the date I'm on has turned into a firey, disastrous ball of garbage, she's always there for me with some advice + a couple of jokes to boot. My mother's steadfast love during the countless occasions where I have yelled at her for waking me up to go to school (I'm not a morning person, but neither is she), to the time I transformed her gold bracelet into my very own anklet while riding my bike (which consequently broke the heirloom), she has taught be what it means to be unconditionally loved. I aspire to be even a fraction of the educated, independent, generous + astounding woman that raised me. Even if Mother's Day was multipled by 365, it still wouldn't be sufficient enough to express the gratitude I have for my mom." - Emmy

Little Moms"One of my favorite parts of motherhood has been watching Georgina develop her own spunky personality; it's amazing to see little bits of my husband + I in there but it is very distinctly her own. Also the very sloppy toddler kisses..." -Jane

"My mom + my sister are two of the most important women in my life. They are the ones I want to be around even when I don't want to be around anyone. We laugh, we joke, we argue, + we get jealous when one of us hangs out with our mom without the other. Most likely we are only missing out on a trip to Target or the coffee shop, but either way, we are missing out on being together. As our lives change + we plan to become mothers, I have no doubt our babies will know they are loved unconditionally because that is how we were raised." -Ashley

Little Moms

"There's so many reasons I love mom but one of the best things about her is her love of people. She has taught me to look a person in the eye + really see them. In this way, she makes friends wherever she goes + this is something I truly admire." -Krista

Little Moms

"Happy Mother's Day to the blonde goofball on the right. A fantastic mom who has posed my favorite question of all time: "if your pet wore pants, what kind of pants would it wear?" She has made so many school lunches in her lifetime she wants the count on her gravestone. Slamming the steering wheel as she sings with The Police + Led Zeppelin. Teaching us to be polite + kind caretakers of each other, ourselves, + the world. Just don't wake her past 9pm." - Rose

We know that one day a year isn't enough to celebrate all the moms + incredible women out there. Enjoy today. Happy Mother's Day!


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