In honor of President's Day, we asked some kids what they would do if they were President. Here is what they said:

"I would make it so there were kittens for everyone." Sebastion, age 5

President's Day

"He be nice to every buddy. I would be nice too." Matilida, age 5

President's day

"I would color." Phoebe, age 3

President's Day"If I was President, I would make a national trolls day + national chocolate day real." Penny, age 7

President's Day"If I were President, I would make a healthier environment for kids. I'd use more solar + wind power. I'd help animals by working against habitat loss, poaching, + climate change. Also, I would given women, immigrants, + black Americans more rights." Izzy, age 11

President's Day"Do fancy writing." Ella, age 5 (almost 6)


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