Valentine's Day Edition

Hi! Katy here - Little's Story Time lady. We're beginning a new story + craft series twice a month. I'll be reading books + hosting a related acitivity on two Saturdays a month. I'll be recaping the events with you here on the blog.

To kick things off, we had a Valentine's Day themed story time. I love Valentine's Day. Honestly, I don't care if it's over commercialized or if it was invented by greeting card companies to scam people into buying more stationary. It's a day about friendship, red, pink, hearts, candy + hugs. I enjoy being in Portland for the holiday, when the Valentines Bandit covers downtown with hearts + reminds us all that hey... isn't love great? For story time, I wanted to read a few of our books that give me warm + fuzzy feelings. Here are my picks...

If I Wrote a Book About You, by Stephany Aulenback, is a story about a mother's love for her child. She describes her admiration for her daughter + all of her child's lovable attributes with the environment around her - with the stems of flowers + toys on the floor - spelling out things like 'loveable' + 'strong.' I like this book because it points to the simple + wonderful qualities of children that make them so special. I also feel like it encourages kids to create images, ideas + stories anywhere + out of anything, which is a concept that I can really get behind.

You + Me, by Susan Verde, is a super sweet book about what could have been if two best friends hadn't met. How would life be different? Luckily, these two cats DID meet, thus beginning a magical, lifelong friendship. I think (I hope) that we all have that friend who we feel like was meant to be in our lives. This book warms my heart, thinking about my own BFF.

In My Heart, by Jo Witek, is a bright, graphic book about feelings. What does is feel like when your heart is brave? What does it feel like when your heart is sad? This book relates well to children with youthful drawings + examples that kids can easily understand. The story gives children helpful language to describe their feelings while still being a fun read.Little Story Time In My Heart

For a craft this week, of course we wanted to make Valentines! So many options there. I decided to make chain hearts for the kids to decorate. At the store, I like to give children a good starting point since there's usually a big crowd + parents often have a limited amount of time to stay at the store. So we precut the chains in multiple colors. Little Story Time Craft

To do this, we folded strips of paper into an accordion with three sections (but you can do as many as you'd like) + then cut hearts, making sure that the heart tabs reached the edge of both sides of the paper, ensuring that the hearts stay together in a strip. We then chose a few different sayings "you're as sweet as..." + "I love you more than..." so that our guests could pick a saying for the front + then fill each heart in the chain to complete the thought. Little Story Time Craft

I felt like this card would appeal to kids of multiple ages. Young kids could draw pictures of what they wanted to say while older kids could write the words. I love you more than... summer! pizza! rainbows! You're sweeter than... birthday cake! Each heart in the chain can be totally unique, so there's a lot of room for creativity while still giving kids a direction for their bursting ideas. We filled the table with crayons, markers, bright washi tape + buttons. Our guests had a great time creating Valentines for their loved ones!

Little Story Time Craft

I had so much fun with everyone + hope to see more of you at our next story time on February 18th!


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