All about unicorns!

Here at Little, we're having a real love affair with unicorns. We're smitten with Mini Rodini's new unicorn prints + we're stocked up with unicorn stickers, cupcake kits, cookie cutters, necklaces, party supplies as well as felt unicorn horns + tails from our local friends at Tree + Vine. It seemed only a matter of time before we celebrated our favorite creatures with their very own story + craft time

Here are my (magical) book picks:

Hello, My Name is Octicorn by Kevin Diller + Justin Lowe is such a funny, playful book with a good message. The book introduces us to Octi, a young creature who feels a bit different from his peers. Have you ever met the child of an octopus + a unicorn? Well, neither has Octi. Sometimes Octi feels left out + sometimes he feels sad + lonely. But Octi has things in his life that he loves as well, like jet skis + cupcakes. And Octi knows that he has many great qualities. For instance, he gives great hugs. In the end, Hello, My Name is Octicorn is about self-acceptance + celebrating the things that are different about us. I love any children's book that can teach children while making them laugh, + this one really got them laughing!

Little Story Time: Octicorn

Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a favorite of mine. The story begins with a young unicorn who believes with all her heart that little girls are real. Her friends poke fun + her parents smile at her make-believe, but Uni knows that little girls aren't just a story. She dreams of meeting a little girl, playing with her + being best friends. In another part of the world, there is a little girl who similarly dreams of a mythical friend - a unicorn to ride on + to go on adventures with- despite everyone else's doubts. The illustrations in this book are bright + whimsical with a vintage feel. Uni the Unicorn makes me smile no matter how many times I read it to my own two 'strong, smart, wonderful, magical little girls'.

Little Story Time: Uni The Unicorn

For our craft today, of course, we had to make our own unicorn horns! These are so easy + fun to make. To begin, simply cut a triangle out of heavy weight paper + snip off the top so that it's flat. You can find templates online if you're unsure of the dimensions. Our friends had some difficulty rolling them, so I'd like to note that it's easiest to start rolling from the center of the paper, not the point or the bottom of the triangle. Once you have a cone, secure the seam with tape + trim the bottom so that it will sit flat on the head. I supplied the kids with crayons, washi tape, rhinestones (of course), glitter + some shapes that I pre-cut out of shimmery paper. Once the horns were decorated, I stapled colorful ribbon to the base so that kiddos could tie them around their heads. We had a lot of unicorns galloping around the store. This craft was SO FUN! A great one to try at home for some easy, make-believe play.

Little Story Time Craft: Unicorn HornsLittle Story Time Craft: Unicorn HornsLittle Story Time Craft: Unicorn Horns

We hope to see more of our friends at the next story time this Saturday, March 18th at 11 am!


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