Spring.. In Like a Lion.

When I planned a kite themed story time for mid-March, I was hoping for a little sun, snow melting into puddles + fleece jacket weather. When I realized that Portland would be covered in a fresh blanket of snow during this particular Saturday, I decided to stick with the theme anyway, because I'm more than ready for spring + some outdoor play. This story + craft time really got me in the spirit, + I hope it got our little friends ready for warmer weather as well!

Here are my kite-themed book picks:

Stuck, by Oliver Jeffers, is about young Floyd + his kite. One day, Floyd gets his red kite stuck in a tree. He then proceeds to make a series of bad decisions. Does Floyd have access to a tall ladder? He does. Does he climb into the tree to remove his kite? He does not. Instead, he throws the ladder into the tree to dislodge the kite. He also throws up his shoes, the front door of his house, a cat, a long-distance truck + an orangutan. The list goes on. It all gets stuck with the kite. This book features Oliver Jeffers' sweet + distinctive drawings + a ton of humor. The kids were laughing + trying to guess what silly Floyd would do next. A definite hit.

Little Story Time: Stuck

Blown Away, by Rob Biddulph, is about another tricky situation involving a red kite. In this book, Penguin Blue gets blown away with his kite on a particularly blustery day. Several of his arctic friends grab on to try to bring him back down, but they get blown away as well + carried off to a tropical island. The animal friends don't like the heat + they miss their families, so Penguin Blue devises a plan to get them back to their icy home. A fun book with simple, graphic illustrations.

Little Story Time: Blown Away

For a craft, we made paper kites! These kites are purely decorative but so cute. I imagine them hanging over a little one's bed. I cut diamonds out of multiple colors of construction paper + asked our assistant manager (+ handywoman), Ella, to cut some wooden sticks down to the right size. Kids decorated their diamonds before we affixed the dowels with washi tape. I then had our guests choose some bright ribbon + tied it to the bottom on their dowel. Everyone went home with a bright kite + a big smile on their face. Another fun story time! I hope to see more friends at our next one on April Fool's Day!

Little Story Time Craft: KitesLittle Story Time Craft: Kites


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