Earth Day Edition.

Here at Little, we try our best every day to care for the earth. We carry eco-friendly brands like Mini Rodini + Naturepedic whenever possible. We use green cleaning products, repurpose supplies during our story times +, of course, we recycle! We want to encourage earth consciousness in our little customers as well, so it was obvious that we needed to host an Earth Day story time!

Here are my Earth Day book picks:

Little Story Time Little Honeybee
When Green Becomes Tomatoes: Poems for All Seasons, by Julie Fogliano, is a book filled with sweet illustrations + poems about nature. Each poem is dated + correlates to the time of year. For instance, the poem titled September 22 is about saying goodbye to summer + hello to fall. For story time, we read april 23, which is about things growing + rain + the squishiness of spring. It was the perfect poem for story our time since we were cozy inside while it was grey + rainy outside.

All the Wild Wonders: Poems of Our Earth, edited by Wendy Cooling, is a book of poetry that is more overtly about conservation + ecology. More than 25 poets collaborated to answer questions such as 'Why are trees important?' + 'Why + how should I recycle?' in a way that's easy for children to understand. We read a poem about wind power + pretended to be windmills! The watercolor illustrations are always beautiful + sometimes sad, but always convey the feeling + the message behind the poems.

Little Honeybee, by Jane Ormes, is a flap book that follows a garden's journey from spring to summer. Our little guests had so much fun lifting the flower petal + bird's nest flaps to reveal bugs, birds + woodland animals. The illustrations are textural + bright. There is so much to look at. This book was a fun introduction into talking about the importance of bees to our environment!

Make it Grow, by Debbie Powell, is another flap book. I love that each spread of this book is monochromatic until you lift the flaps (to make the plants 'grow') + suddenly there are bright colors popping from the page. The contrasts create beautiful images on each page. This book is all about nature + growth, which was a great segue into our activity.

Little Story Time Earth Day

For Earth Day, we decided to plant sunflower seeds! We repurposed some cups that we had previously used for a photoshoot. Our friends wrote their names on their cups, filled them with dirt + planted their seeds just below the surface of their soil. We gave them just a little water + sent everyone home with the instruction to place their cups in the window. Who doesn't love playing in the dirt? Hopefully we'll all have some bright yellow sunflowers growing this summer!

Thank you to all of our friends who visited + helped us to celebrate such an important day. We hope to see more of you at our next story time, May 6th!


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