In honor of Earth Day, we decided to dig (no pun intended) into the sustainable practices of one of our favorite brands, Oeuf. Read along to see just how this brand does its part...

We believe that it's important to always be mindful of the impact we have on the environment. Whether that means being conscious to recycle or turning off the faucet when it's not in use — everything helps! Since today is Earth Day, we want to highlight a brand we carry that is continuously striving to reduce its eco-footprint while producing high-quality products.

Who is Oeuf

Meaning 'egg' in French and pronounced UH-F, the brand Oeuf has been mindful of its practices from the very beginning. Aware of the constant demands of living in the modern world, husband and wife team, Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan wanted to create furniture and clothing that are functional, beautiful and well-made.

By letting frills and unnecessary practices fall away, Sophie and Michael are able to concentrate on ensuring their customers are getting the best pieces out there. Superior in quality, Oeuf products are clean and minimal in design. Cribs are made to be able to convert into toddler beds and clothing is made to be comfortable and soft, not irritating and constricting.

After all, these products are for other people's children: our future leaders, innovators, artists, neighbors.


One of the biggest decisions Sophie and Michael made for their brand was deciding to produce their furniture in Europe versus China. Oeuf wasn't going to be just any brand with its products coming from just anywhere. Oeuf furniture is made in the country of Latvia. Blanketed by over 70% of forest, Latvia has established itself with a longstanding tradition of woodworking; making the abundance of baltic birch that grows there the ideal choice for furniture. Sophie and Michael found that Latvian manufacturers held their businesses to the highest standards enforced by safety, labor, quality and sustainability regulations. Feeling secure with their choice to produce in Latvia, a partnership was formed.

Oeuf Local

The knitwear by Oeuf is made using baby alpaca yarn. Why alpaca? Well, alpacas' hooves leave terrain undamaged, allowing them to have a small eco-footprint. Furthermore, their impressively efficient eating habits reduce acreage and water needs. Another great benefit to using alpaca yarn is that the animals are actually able to produce fleece throughout their lives without being harmed. Pretty neat, huh?

Now that you know where the knits come from, it's time to dive into who makes the clothing!

Oeuf works with Fair Trade™ partners in an effort to help local economies grow while preserving their way of life and traditions. The next time you purchase a knitwear item by Oeuf, you can know that your purchase is helping improve the lives of women and children in Bolivia. With production creating a steady flow of income, households are able to make money and the chance of children attending school is increased. It really shows just how far the ripple-effect can go. No action is too small to make a difference.

Oeuf headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York. There, Oeuf continues to pay it forward by getting involved with local charities and donating what they can. In fact, for the entire month of February, with every piece of layette purchased online, Oeuf donated one item to Little Essentials, a non-profit nearby which provides aid to impoverished children.

In Closing...

We're inspired by the efforts put forth by Oeuf and we're proud to carry such a distinguished brand. We hope you're feeling inspired too! For Earth Day, and every day, what's something you and your family can do to make a difference? Donate clothing, conserve electricity, try composting to reduce food waste... whatever it is, we encourage you to take action!

Happening this weekend: For every purchase you make this weekend, you'll receive a reusable tote bag! As always, we encourage you to bring your own reusable shopping bag every time you shop!

Happy Earth Day everyone, hope to see you soon!

[all photos courtesy of Oeuf]


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