The shoe for summer.

If we could create the perfect summer kid's shoe, Natives would be our solution. They are lightweight, effortless, + stylish. Here are five of the many reasons to wear Natives this summer.

1 - They are easy to wear. Natives are not only easy to slip on + off, but they are also comfortable. Made from a material called EVA, Natives are cool, comfy + mold to each foot. This material is also super lightweight + shock absorbent which makes running around that much easier.

Natives Shoes Apollo Moc

2 - No stinky feet! Natives are intentionally breathable + odor resistant. They are waterproof + washable, so even when they get extra messy, you know they'll clean right off.

Natives Shoes Jefferson

3 - Natives are super stylish. They come in a rainbow of colors, including neons, pastels, splatter, + even iridescent. This season we are carrying the classic style, Jefferson, which Natives refers to it as the ' mischievous genius'. We also introduced a new style, the Apollo Moc, which has a stronger tread, making it more like a sneaker.

Natives Shoes Jefferson

4 - Made for land or sea. Since Native are waterproof, they can easily be worn anywhere. Whether your child's adventures includes hopping in puddles or climbing rocks in the ocean, these shoes will do the trick. They are also a great choice for summer camp because they are closed-toe + multifunctional.

Natives Shoes Jefferson

5 - Natives are beast free! Natives are REACH + CPSIA compliant. They are BPA + phthalate free, as well as free of other hazardous materials like formaldehyde. In addition to that, they care about the environment + are always working to make their processes + products greener + cleaner.


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