What the team at Little is obsessing over this holiday season.

Krista is the Inventory Manager here at Little. She is also a mom of two girls four years apart in age. She has a lot of expertise in what to gift children + what siblings will or won't share. Her picks let us take a look at her life raising sisters.

These days, when I think about presents for my girls, I like to think about what can potentially be shared between the two. They are four years apart + while that may seem like a big age difference resulting in different interests, more often than not, they end up sharing toys. Yes, they don't always like to share but I love the thought of them building a bond through play. So, without further ado, here are my picks for shared toys for siblings of different ages in hopes they will bond + play nice!

Maileg Ballet School

Maileg Ballet School

This adorable play set has plenty of room for two to share. It's a beautifully designed basic playset that comes with just the right amount of detailing + accessories to really get imaginations going. I love that kids can use any of the dolls with this + take turns playing instructor + student. This is hours of fun in the making for little dance lovers!

Areaware Blockitecture

Areaware Blockitecture

Building blocks are a big hit with everyone in our house including the grown-ups. Designed by James Paulius for Areaware, these sophisticated blocks come in five different themes + offer a new way to think about building + architecture than standard blocks. They are good looking + offer endless possibilities for play. They are wonderful for everyone!

Olli Ella Luggy + Mini Chari Bag

Aged 2 + 6, playing real life is a never-ending source of interest for my children. And, like most other children, they love to play shop + 'buy' things. With its handle + wheels, the Luggy Basket would be perfect for any child to lug around all of their purchases in, imagined or not. The Mini Chari Bag can be worn crossbody or as a backpack + is also great for stashing + carrying around a multitude of small objects from play purchases to seashells + rocks from the beach. The bonus of this one is that it also doubles as a basket for a bike or scooter. These two items are sure to get played with daily, year-round, + can be easily be passed back + forth between any siblings.

Kid O Myland Houseboat

Having two kids often means I'm looking for ways to save time + one of those ways is shared bath time for the girls. Usually, they try to bring things into the tub that are not water safe. Enter the Myland Houseboat by Kid O. This water safe boat is perfect for siblings. It comes with two people that when placed in their color-coded seats activate sound + light features. This is sure to make bath time a breeze since they each get a person to play with + in fact, they may not want to get out.

Nailmatic Nail Polish

Everyone knows that kids love to color + so many children I know, boys + girls alike, love to have some color on their nails. Nailmatic kids nail polishes are 100% safe for kids. Made in France, they are completely phthalate, formaldehyde, toluene, + fragrance-free. They even wash off with soap + water! A perfect gift for siblings to share, they can trade colors + paint each other fingers + toes while they share secrets.

The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker

Music always gets my kids going + classical music is no exception. The Story Orchestra makes books that bring classical music to life through story. We have their book The Four Seasons in One Day with music by Vivaldi + the kids love to press the buttons + listen + dance to the music together. From my point of view, they are building an early appreciation of different types of music + The Nutcracker version would make a wonderful seasonal gift for any set of siblings. Not only will they become familiar with the magical story of the Nutcracker through words + beautiful illustrations, they will come to know + love the familiar music by Tchaikovsky that brings the holidays to life. I think this is a great book to share!


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