There are many metaphors about motherhood + since becoming a mom, I've gone through variations of feeling them all. In fact some days, you feel they're the desperate truth. You ARE a boat on the stormy seas, you ARE an island, you ARE the leader of a three ring circus, you ARE in a marathon even if you've never run a day in your life.

Other days, you think it's total nonsense. I mean, who can compare motherhood with trite references to captains + superheroes? You are SO beyond that, right? (Although actually, I do feel like wonder woman some days + she's pretty badass.)

But, two kids + six years into being a mom, I feel that no matter how you look at motherhood or choose to define it in a given moment it all comes down to one thing. Love. We love our kids no matter what. I honestly may not always like them, especially after they've graffitied the walls, destroyed the house + put fingerprints all over my new blouse in the matter of hours but guess what? I still love them, will always love them + am better for loving them.

Motherhood does not have a fixed job description. It changes every day. So no matter what metaphor I may "be" on a given day with my never ending to do list, I know that my job title + most important task will remain the same. I am Mom, in charge of loving, + that is what I call the best job in the world.


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