How Little Moms Want To Spend Mother's Day

We asked all the moms at Little to tell us what they would love from their kids on Mother's Day, + well, most days of the year, in hopes of inspiring you to celebrate mom doing the things she loves. Here is what they said..

"My perfect mother's day gift would be eating pastries in bed with my daughters while we watch Hello Dolly. The gift here would that they'd pretend to like the movie + would at least ATTEMPT to get their crumbs on a plate. This would be my heaven. Later, we'd probably go for a walk somewhere sunny + quiet. If someone bought me a potted tree or made me a painting, that'd be cool too." - Katy

"A bouquet of flowers, a trip to the bakery + a family walk on the beach are just the thing for me on Mother's Day. I wouldn't say no to breakfast in bed either!" - Krista

Mother's Day

"SLEEP IN, breakfast in bed which includes Standard morning buns, read the entirety of the Sunday Times in one sitting, go for a walk or play in the park or go to Willard Beach + enjoy beautiful spring weather as a family. Then make dinner together, + maybe drink a little champagne." - Jane

"For Mother's Day, I want a homemade card from Sebastian. At this age every single letter he writes, + drawing he makes, is special. He + his father have a tradition of making me a floral bouquet on Mother's day so I suspect I will get one of those too. John will take him to the florist (to Little this year!) + Sebastian will pick out a vase (we are working on refining his taste) + then he will pick the flowers too. John tries to art direct, but Sebastian has very strong feelings about what he thinks I will like. It's my favorite gift of the year." - Angie


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