Rylee + Cru Holiday Collection

Inspired by the same folk art + Scandinavian design as their fall Folklore collection, Rylee + Cru Holiday does not disappoint. The prints are nature inspired in beautiful earth tones. Take a look + see which are your favorite pieces from the new collection.

Back to School with Tea Collection:

Each season, Tea Collection is inspired by a different country + its culture.  In the past, Tea has traveled to Japan, Australia, Italy + many more places.  This is all a part of their mission of global connectivity.  This season, we here at Little are SO EXCITED about Scotland.  The collection is filled with the flora + fauna of Scotland as well as images from seaside fishing villages.  The colorways are filled with bright reds, navy blues,+ indigoes. 

Little Story Time

We had two wonderful story times here at Little in the month of June. We will be taking a break from story time during July + August to make more space for summer fun + will resume sometime in September. It's been such a fun year of reading to all of our little friends. I wanted to finish off the season with two story + craft themes that I had been so excited to share.